In 1989 Rolf Dieter Korte and his partner Mr. Mrosek started a company called “Korte & Mrosek Gmbh” to specialize on the facility and property management of accommodation centres for asylum seekers in Germany.

In 2000 Mr. Mrosek left the company and Rolf Dieter Korte’s son, Sascha Korte, joined the management. At this time the company was re-named to “European Homecare GmbH” chartered in Essen, Germany.

In 2001 EHC entered the Austrian market with the provision of Voluntary Return Services.

In 2002 the Austrian Ministry of the Interior decided to privatise the management of its four reception care centres with a total capacity of approx. 2,000 refugees. After an international request for tender European Homecare was given the contract to provide the management, catering and security services. The subsidiary “European Homecare Gmbh” was chartered in Austria in 2003.

In early 2006 Mr. Korte sen. retired and passed on the sole propriety rights of European Homecare Gmbh Germany and Austria to his son, Sascha Korte.

In 2005 European Homecare Austria was granted funds for its social project „Dublin Counselling“ by the European Union‘s SOLID Funds. For the first time a non-profit project proposed by a private company was selected.

In the consecutive years European Homecare established additional innovative projects in Austria and Germany, such as the Return Hotline, Drug Abuse Prevention, and  the Asylum Information Services in Traiskirchen and Schöppingen.

In 2011 the Irish Justice Department selects European Homecare for the introduction of additional Assisted Voluntary Return services (Return Hotline).

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