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Akquisition of general content

If you visit our website we will record general data. Those information (server logfiles) containing the name of the web browser, the used system software, the name of your provider and similar data. Those are information which won’t be able to relate to you as a person. The received information is necessary to deliver your requested content and apply while using the internet in general. The received anonym data is used to optimize our back end.


Like many other websites we are using cookies. Cookies are small text files which will be transferred to your hard drive. We are receiving data like your IP-Adress, used browser and system software and your connection to the internet. Cookies can not be used to send a virus or to install programs. Because of this data we can ease your use of website navigation and correct browser display. This data won’t be delivered to third parties neither will be a individual-related data base created. Of course you are able to consume this website without using cookies. Although most browsers automatically use cookies. You can unable this in your browser configuration. Please be aware that some content on this website may not work without cookies.

Secure Socket Layer

To provide safety for your data we are using the most up to date secure socket layer.


If you use our web from your data will be saved to be able to contact you for more information and the following work process.

Deleting/Disabling Data

We are saving your data just as long as it is necessary or regulated by law. After those deadlines, we will delete or disable your data immediately.

Verwendung von Google Analytics

This website uses Google-Analytics. A web analysis tool invented by Google.Inc – in the following named Google. It uses cookies, small text files which will be transferred to your hard drive and are able to analyze your consumer behavior. This collected data will be transferred and saved on a web-server based in the United States of America. Due to the IP-anonymization your IP-address will be shortened inside the European Union. Exceptions are possible. In this case your IP-address will be shortened in the USA. By order of this provider google will use the information to evaluate your behavior, to make reports and to extend the offered services.

Your IP-address will not be merged with other google data. You can disable this function in your configurations but we also point out that you may not be able to use all content and functions on this website. Furthermore you are able to disable this function using the following link: Browser-Add-on zur Deaktivierung von Google Analytics.

You can also disable the google tracking by using this link: diesen Link anklicken. If you do this a Opt-Out-Cookie will be installed. This cookie will stop the tracking as long as you leave it installed in your browser.

Using Google-Maps

This website is using a google-maps API to illustrate geographical information. While using google maps your data will be collected, used and processed. More information can be read here finden Sie hier.

Embedded YouTube-Videos

On some websites we do use imbedded YouTube-videos. The responsible operator ist YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. If you use a website with such an imbedded video, a connection to YouTube will be made. YouTube will receive several information. For example what websites you are visiting. If your are logged in to your YouTube Account, YouTube is able to sort this information to your account. If a Video is consumed, the provider will use cookies which collect information about your user behavior. If you disable cookies for the google-ad program there will most certainly be no cookies while watching a YouTube video either. YouTube is also using other cookies to collect information. If you do not want this either, you’ll have to do the following:

Your rights for information, correction, ban, deletion and opposition

You have the right to claim information about our collected data any time you want to. Also you have the right for correction, ban or deletion of your data. Apart from our right to keep your data for ongoing businesses. Please contact therefor our agent for data – contact information are written below. In order to proceed a ban at any time this data must be collected and monitored in a separate file. You can also demand the deletion of this data. Exceptions can only by made if it is a case of compulsory archiving. If this is the case we will ban your data if you wish. You can demand changes or the disconfirmation of an agreement at any time by an according notification.

Changes of our copyright

We reserve the right to adapt copyright any time necessary. This is how we ensure that our website is always legally up to date. For your following visit apply the newest copyrights.


If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail or contact our copyright agent:

European Homecare GmbH
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