Who are we?

European Homecare is a mid-sized family company which has specialised in social services.

We help policy in a practical way by fulfilling specific tasks that arise for example from the basic right to asylum. In doing so, we attempt to provide the best quality of service to meet the conditions dictated by the public. Since its foundation in 1989, European Homecare has therefore been able to develop into one of the most efficient private service providers in the German social services sector.

As a family company, we provide streamlined management and quick decision paths, meaning we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to daily requirements and lead our operations in a cost-effective manner. Thanks to our efficiency, we are in a position to deal responsibly with public resources.

In principle, we always fulfil all tasks – in particular, the social support of our residents – in close co-ordination with the responsible authorities and the client. We feel that putting policy first is an obligation of responsible action.

However, as a service provider, we are also conscious of our socio-political responsibility. Free from the procedures, expense and constraints that authorities or large charitable organisations are subject to, we see ourselves as a provider of practical solutions. We want to be more committed than our competitors. To this end, we liberate workforce which ultimately benefits the people we support, but also our clients.

With an average number of 1,000 employees we currently support and provide for asylum seekers and refugees in about 80 different accommodation institutions.

We are also active in the area of psychosocial support in the transit area of Düsseldorf airport, in the mobile support of unaccompanied underage refugees and of foreign deportees in prison.

We also accomplish additional aspects of refugee work in the context of EU projects, for instance repatriation advice (Dublin), alcohol and drug work, support of unaccompanied underage refugees and residential work.

Apart from our refugee work, we are involved with supporting children and young people and work with the homeless (accommodation management). Our experienced employees are the key to our excellent services. Social expertise – combined with multilingualism, personal commitment, determination and flexible operation – make it possible to implement the requirements of our clients in tasks that often represent a specific challenge.