General principles

European Homecare as a family company is characterised by a particularly careful employee selection procedure. In supporting asylum seekers and refugees, European Homecare offers employment to people particularly well-suited to this task.

European Homecare works with certified quality standards which allow both company and employees to continually improve. In special security audits, the security culture is subject to constant monitoring.

European Homecare ensures smooth and efficient order completion for public clients. In the political asylum debate, European Homecare itself has no mandate. The primacy of policy applies. As the uppermost ethical principle, asylum seekers must be respected as people who want to experience a fundamental right. European Homecare regards dignity, openness, respectful and non-repressive interaction as a prerequisite in order to move the well-being of the community into the foreground.

European Homecare places responsibility on adults and encourages them to be independent.

The balance of rights and responsibilities is a specific care principle that accompanies asylum seekers and refugees through everyday life. Relief efforts are granted on the basis of reciprocity.

European Homecare is politically and denominationally neutral and independent. Out of respect for refugees, motivations for which asylum seekers come to Germany and Europe are not commented on by European Homecare.

European Homecare develops impact-oriented and flexible concepts, resulting in an efficient and responsible use of public resources.